1924-25    Charles Hickey, Nampa

1925-26    R.S. Turner, Pocatello

1926-27    A.J. Peavey, Twin Falls

1927-28    H.E. Morton, Lewiston

1928-29    Bradley Shepard, Boise

1929-30    Charles Mackk, Boise

1930-31    Frank Ensign, Boise

1931-32    Herman J. Rossi, Wallace

1932-33    George C. Walker, Boise

1933-34    Lawrence Gridley, Coeur d’Alene

1934-35    Joseph Parrault, Boise

1935-36    Homer H. Lipps, Lewiston

1936-37    John R. Robertson, Twin Falls

1937-38    Wray Farmin, Sandpoint

1938-39    Robert S. Campbell, Boise

1939-40    Donald L. Rogers, Wallace

1940-41    Frederick G. Ensign, Boise

1941-43    Oscar W. Nelson, Coeur d’Alene

1943-44    A.V. Larter, Idaho Falls

1944-45    Harry W. Poulson, Boise

1945-46    Ted Walrath, Orofino

1946-47    Lewis D. Raeder, Boise

1947-48    Clark L. Heiss, Jerome

1948-49    R.O. Weisel, Moscow

1949-50    James W. Perry, Boise

1950-51    V.E. Graves, Caldwell

1951-52    J.M. Barker, CPCU, Buhl

1952-53    T.F. Terrell, Pocatello

1953-54    T.C. Peavey, Twin Falls

1954-55    J.B. Holden, Caldwell

1955-56    C.W. Lundquist, Boise

1956-57    Ralph Naser, Lewiston

1957-58    Joseph W. Herndon, Salmon

1958-59    Robert E. Brown, Boise

1959-60    John H. Whitsell, Twin Falls

1960-61    William Giesa, Coeur d’Alene

1961-62    Jess W. Swan, Boise

1962-63    Tom Prescott, Jerome

1963-64    Keith G. Mollerup, Pocatello

1964-65    Garth Haddock, Kellogg

1965-66    Ken Bell, Rupert

1966-67    Bert Higgins, Boise

1967-68    Keith Whaley, Pocatello

1968-69    Frank Sullivan, Lewiston

1969-70    E. George Ball, Idaho Falls

1970-71    Daniel J. Obenchain, Twin Falls

1971-72    Phil  Guilfoy, Moscow

1972-73    Charles Packham, Blackfoot

1973-74    Martin W. Rust, II, Boise

1974-75    Harry Walrath, Orofino

1975-76    A.K. Dodds, Kimberly

1976-77    Thomas R. Heath, CPCU, Idaho Falls

1977-78    Lee Martin, Lewiston

1978-79    Glen Allen, Rupert

1979-80    Richard Marmillion, Boise

1980-81    Dave Troy, Lewiston

1981-82    Jack Perry, Pocatello

1982-83    Jim Swan, Boise

1983-84    Lester H. Kiel, CPCU, Idaho Falls

1984-85    William F. Post, Boise

1985-86    Mike Martin, Lewiston

1986-87    Rod Higgins, Boise

1987-88    Ed Smith, CIC, Salmon

1988-89    Fred Harris, Coeur d’Alene

1989-90    DeRay Perry, CPCU, CIC, Idaho Falls

1990-91    Ken Koep, Coeur d’Alene

1991-92    Ray Wolfe, CIC, Caldwell

1992-93    Tim Obenchain, CIC, Twin Falls

1993-94    Ron Howell, Pocatello

1994-95    William W. Deal, Nampa

1995-96    George Remington, Moscow

1996-97    Jim Semick, CPCU, Sandpoint

1997-98    Jerry Dodds, CIC, Twin Falls

1998-99    Bryan Craig, Jerome

1999-00    Scott O. Packham, CIC, Blackfoot

2000-01    Doug Caldwell, ARM, CIC, Boise

2001-02    John W. Goedde, CIC, Coeur d’Alene

2002-03    Douglas G. Ball, CPCU, AAI, Idaho Falls

2003-04    Carl T. Raymond, Pocatello

2004-05    Robert J. Ricketts, Boise

2005-06    Jason T. Dahl, CIC, Idaho Falls

2006-07    Stan Strecker, CIC, Boise

2007-08    Todd Marek, CIC, Grangeville

2008-09    Bill Deal Jr, Nampa

2009-10    Greg Bloomfield, Hailey

2010-11    George Dahlinger, Nampa

2011-12    Ann Martin-Grimm, Lewiston

2012-13    Dennis Anderson, CIC, Boise

2013-14    Gary Sorenson, Weiser

2014-15    Marilyn M. Rylaarsdam-Schoo, Grangeville

2015-16    Clint Paskewitz, Boise

2016-18    Jeff Morris, Boise


1961      Bert Higgins, Boise

1962      Ken Bell, Rupert

1963      Jess Swan, Boise

1964      Tom Prescott, Jerome

1965      John Barker, CPCU, Buhl

1966      J.B. "Bernie" Holden, Caldwell

1967      Frank Sullivan, Lewiston

1968      Dan Obenchain, Twin Falls

1969      A.K. "Ooch" Dodds, Kimberly

1970      Lester H. Kiel, CPCU, Idaho Falls

1971      Phil Guilfoy, Moscow

1972      Martin W. Rust II, Boise

1973      Harry Walrath, Orofino

1974      Owen Pipal, CPCU, Boise

1975      LeRoy Craig, Jerome

1976      Glen Allen, Rupert

1977      Keith Whaley, Pocatello

1978      Thomas R. Heath, CPCU, Idaho Falls

1979      Dave Troy, Lewiston

1980      Jack Perry, Pocatello

1981      Richard Marmillion, Boise

1982      William Giesa, Coeur d'Alene

1983      Steven K. Berg, CIC, AAI, Twin Falls

1984      Bill Deal, Nampa

1985      Gordon Walker, Boise

1986      Ray Wolfe, CIC, Caldwell

1987      Bill Post, Boise

1988      Garth Haddock, Kellogg

1989      George Dahlinger, Nampa

1990      Doug Colwell ARM CIC, Boise           

1991      Tim Obenchain, CIC, Twin Falls

1992      George Remington, Moscow

1993      Bob Ricketts, Boise

1994      Mike Martin, Lewiston

1995      Fred Harris, Coeur d'Alene

1996      Bill Deal, Sr., Nampa

1997      Gail Johnson, Boise

1998      Ken Koep, Coeur d=Alene

1999      Neal Johnson, CIC, Orofino

2000      John Goedde, CIC, Coeur d=Alene

2001      Ron Howell, Pocatello

2002      Stan Strecker, Boise

2003      Bryan Craig, Jerome

2004      George Remington Jr, Moscow

2005      Terry Fuhriman, Boise

2006      Douglas G. Ball CPCU AAI, Idaho Falls

2007      Nate Kim, Boise

2008      Jason Dahl CIC, Idaho Falls

2009      Todd Marek CIC, Grangeville

2010      Doug Colwell, Boise

2011      Greg Bloomfield, Hailey

2012      Randy Pipal CIC CRM, Boise

2013      Ann Martin-Watkins, Lewiston

2014      Lynette Larango CIC CPIW CPSR, Boise

2015      Clint Paskewitz, Boise

2016      Larry Stumpf CIC CRM, Twin Falls

2017      Scott Packham CIC

2018      Jeff Morris, Boise


2007         Jason Swan, Ricketts Insurance
2008         Jeffrey Morris, Ricketts Insurance
2009         Lori (Loomis) Chapman ACSR CISR, Stonebraker-McQuary
2010         Wendy Witt, Likkel Insurance
2011         Greg Swenson, Higgins-Rutledge Agency
2013         Clint Paskewitz, Associated Ins. Services
2016        Emily Koleno CIC, Associated Ins. Services
2017        Staci Matheson AINS CPIW, The Hartwell Corporation
2018        Jordan Redman, Redman & Company


1992         Bob Ricketts, Education
1993         Ken Koep,  Consolidation
1994         Fred Harris, TCC
1995         George Remington, Jr., Membership
1996         Jack Weaver, Legislative
1997         Ray Wolfe CIC, Consolidation
1998         Greg McDonald & G. Remington, Jr., Advertising
1999         Stan Strecker CIC, Insurpac & Idapac
2000         Ann Martin-Grimm, Young Agents
2001         Bryan E. Craig, Advertising/Promotion
2002         Terry Fuhriman, Education
2003         Nate Kim & Joe Harbachek, Youth Golf Classic
2004         Jason T. Dahl CIC, Membership
2005         Clint Paskewitz, Young Agents
2006         Dennis Anderson CIC, Education
2007         Marissa Pearman & Joe Harbacheck, Nat’l T.C. Jr. Golf
2008         Jim & Pat Baker, IIABI Advocates
2009         Greg Bloomfield, Insurpac & Idapac
2010         Diane Golder-Keys, Big “I” Staff
2011         Randy Pipal CIC CRM, Legislative Committee
2013         Larry Stumpf CIC CRM, Dues & Bylaws
2014         Jeffrey Morris, Trusted Choice Jr. Golf
2015         Mary Cahoon, Big “I” Advocate
2016        Wendy Tippetts, Big “I” Staff
2017        Mike Martin Jr. (Jay), Insurpac & Idapac
2018        IIABI Jr. Golf Committee, Trusted Choice Jr. Golf


1992         Ken Horner, North Pacific
1993         Randy Olsen, Aetna
1994         Claudette Kenmir CPIW CIC, Safeco
1995         Jim McDonald, Ohio Casualty
1996         Denis Walker, Oregon Mutual
1997         Bob Creighton, State Insurance Fund
1998         Nancy Wishard, Mutual of Enumclaw
1999         Harper Tripp, Safeco
2000         Bob Grausam, EMC
2001         Dick Berry, Oregon Mutual
2002         Robert Fenn, Progressive
2003         Brandie Ingram, Unitrin Multi Lines
2004         Dennis McGanty, Oregon Mutual
2005         Dirk Perry CPCU CIC, Allied Insurance
2006         Bill Bingle, Oregon Mutual
2007         Brian Henman, United Heritage
2008         Larry Becker, Liberty NW
2009         Bill Norman, Safeco
2010         T.J. “Jean” Baker, American Hallmark
2011         Kelly Kerby, Safeco
2012         Al Frieze CPCU, IS&RB
2013         Josh Evangelho, Liberty Mutual
2014         Tari Harding, Safeco
2015         Bill Clemo CIC, State Insurance Fund
2016         Pat Roark, Berkley North Pacific
2017         Tammy Jacoby, Liberty Mutual
2018         Debbie McClure, Acuity Insurance

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