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Trustco DIC Policy (Homeowners' Catastrophe Policy)


The Homeowners Catastrophe Insurance Trust (HCIT) is an exclusive member benefit for members. HCIT has been underwriting flood, earthquake and landslide business for over 40 years.

Who We Are:
Homeowners Catastrophe Insurance Trust (HCIT) was established in 1975 and is backed by Underwriters at Lloyd’s. HCIT is more than just flood insurance. Your customers will benefit from the enhanced coverages we include that go beyond basic flood insurance. We include important perils like Earthquake, Landslide, Mudslide and Loss of Use. We also cover personal contents stored in basements, which many flood policies do not cover. Our policy is offered to agents as a Big "I" member benefit and is currently available in seven states: Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, and Washington.

Did you know? Effective July of 2019 the FDIC approved and directed lenders to accept flood insurance written by private carriers as long as those policies are in compliance with the Biggert Waters Act. HCIT is 100% compliant with Biggert Waters, we certify that on the cover sheet of our policies and also in our DIC coverage form.


Why Agents Love Us:

  • Easiest application out there

  • Premium listed right on the front

  • Automatic renewals

  • Coverages over $250,000 and up to a million +

  • Multiple deductibles

  • No elevation certificate required

  • Only 10 waiting period 

  • No non-cancellation clause

  • Coverages included in policy are: 

  • Brick Veneer

  • Basements

  • Other Structures

  • Contents

  • Loss of Use

Kimi Vasey, Trustco, Inc.   |   ph: (800) 644-4334 ext. 342

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