IIABI maintains a steady presence among Idaho legislators on matters of insurance and business issues. IIABI is the independent agents' voice and insurance consumer advocate at the capitol.

On behalf of IIABI members, IIABI has contracted with Sullivan and Reberger. Lobbyist Colby Cameron monitors insurance activities at the Statehouse on a daily basis and works in conjunction with industry groups on issues of common concern.

The IIABI Legislative Committee meets as needed throughout the year. The Committee tracks pertinent legislation, reviews content and develops association positions. The Committee then reports to the IIABI Board of Directors. The Legislative Committee sends Action Alerts to IIABI members requesting assistance in contacting your legislators on legislation affecting independent agents. Members of the Legislative Committee are prepared to testify on legislation in Statehouse Committee Meetings.

IDAPAC:  IIABI's state political action committee receives donations from members to assist Idaho legislative candidates, both incumbents and challengers, who are supportive of insurance and small business concerns. Solicitations are sent to independent agents during the election year.

By joining IIABI, you also become a member of our national association, the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America (IIABA), which has an exceptional lobbying team in Washington D.C. and Alexandria, VA. Consistently, Fortune magazine has named the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America (IIABA) one of the most powerful and effective lobbying groups in the nation's capital. IIABA also has been ranked as a top Washington lobbying group by Roll Call, a publication specializing in coverage of Congress; the National Journal, a major public-policy magazine; and several other national publications.

INSURPAC, IIABA's PAC, represents agents' and brokers' views on federal issues and helps elect candidates to the U.S. Congress who understand our issues. With our most recent campaign under InsurPac Chairman Jay Martin, Idaho agents, brokers and staff contributed $9,035 towards the $1.1 million National goal during 2016. 

Jay Martin, of Martin Insurance, Chairman of IDAPAC and INSURPAC can be reached at: